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Hello there!! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Shawna and I'm a photographer based out of OKC. I love storytelling through photography and I'm a sucker for capturing those "In-the-Moment" treasured shots. For me, being able to tell your story through photos is genuinely priceless. Photography allows me to create a special bond with my clients and continue to capture their life in pictures for years to come.

My love for photography came at a very early age. When I was fourteen, my dad left this world unexpectedly. He was always the one behind the camera and so unfortunately, we didn't have many pictures of him. From then on, I always carried a camera with me and took pictures of everything! I wanted to be able to look back and remember my life as it happened with those I love.

I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life and absolutely love springtime and sitting on the front porch watching the thunderstorms roll in. Some of my favorite adventures include traveling the world, being goofy with my husband no matter where we are, football tailgates, spontaneous road trips, going to beer tasting festivals, Sunday Brunch and snuggling up with a great book and a hot cup of coffee. 

The name Honey Bees holds a special meaning to me. I have handwritten notes from my mom while she was pregnant with me. Mom and Dad hadn't decided on my name at the time and so she always referred to me as "B". That nickname has held true to this day and I can always count on seeing "B" on a birthday card from my mom. My amazing husband likes giving me nicknames daily it seems. :) One of his favorite creations is to call me everything with the word Honey; Honey Bear, Honey Bunny, Honey-kins, etc. With that, Honey Bees was created and I find it a perfect way to tell the world who I am! 

I always look forward to capturing the next amazing adventure in life. So say hello and let's chat about your next life adventure that you would love to capture! I can't wait to meet you!